Saturday, July 28, 2012

Style Me Pretty Blogtion!

Welcome everyone to another blogtion! We are so excited to hold another one! Here's how it all works in case you need to refresh your memory! Each item has an asking bid listed, if you want the item then say SOLD and leave your e-mail or contact information. If you see an item you want but it has already been bid on, no problem.. just up the bid! Easy as that! Please leave contact info on bids so we can get in touch with the winning bidder when the auction is over. Auction ends at midnight tonight, we will be in touch with all of the winners shortly after.  If you have any questions at all please call Sommer at 480-343-3010 or Brianna at 480-343-7308. We ask that all items be picked up within 48 hours of the sale unless arranged otherwise :) Items can be picked up in either Gilbert at Higley and Elliot area or Mesa at Gilbert and Baseline area.

***Just a friendly note** 
We welcome all serious bidders. If you are not sure, or uncertain about placing a bid on an item you like please wait until you are sure you want the item before bidding. Thanks to all and happy bidding!!

Item #00

                                                        Framed Iron (measures 21x35): $20

Item #0

Item #0-  Cute Blue striped pillow covers (selling covers only): $10 for both

Item #1

Item #1- Silver metallic frame (measures 8x10): $2

Item #2

Item #2- Darling decorative beads, four strands total: $2

Item #3

Item #3- Vintage glass bowl: $4

Item #4

Item #4- Vintage silk baby bonnet: $2

Item #5

Item #5-Decorative potpourri (would look really great in a cute jar of some sort! White bowl not included): $3

Item #6

Item #7- Antique milk glass vase(measures 7"): $2

Item #7

Item #7- Cute black clock (measures about 8x9): $11

Item #8

Item #8- Decorative black Cafe sign (measures 6x16): $5

Item #9

Item #9- Black iron tea lights (measures 14x15): $8

Item #10

Item #10- Shabby chic "Fashionably Sweet" sign (measures 10x10) : $5

Item #11

 Item #12- Stained glass tumbler (measures 11x6): $7

Item #12

Item #13- Shabby chic iron wall hanging (measures 23" flowers not included): $8

Item #13

Item #14- Cream frame (measures 9x11, no glass included, but super cute on it's own!): $2

Item #14

Item #15- Pink garland (a little worn, but has a super cute shabby chic look!): $3

Item #15

Item #15- Shabby chic "Forever for always and no matter what" sign (measures 24x9): $5

Item #16

Item # 16- Shabby chic "Forever for always and no matter what" sign (measures 24x9): $5

Item #17

Item #17
Two shabby chic iron tables (smaller table on left measures 25" tall 12" wide larger table is 26" tall 16" wide): $40 for both

Item #18

Item #18- Damask/Paisley hand towels: $3 for both

Item #19

Item #19- Darling, vintage lamps (there are two measure 28"): $40 for the set

Item #20

Item #20- Cream mesh canopy (measures 100" long): $11

Item #21

Item #21- Set of two decorative candles (taller one measures 5x1/2" and smaller one is 4x1/2"): $5

Item #23

Item #23- Adorable shabby chic gold dresser (measures 55x30x15): $70

Item #24

Item #24- Darling shabby chic wall hanging (measure 40x26 1/2) Item does not come with wreath, just to get an idea of what to place in the center. Family picture, clock, wreath, the sky is the limit :) : $45

Item is a good sturdy piece, weighs about 15 lbs. The holes seen in the picture here are to put screws in when hanging. You could also hang from the back to stabilize. Or you could decorate with it up right on the ground :)


Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's another blogtion!

Exciting news!!! Style Me Pretty is holding another blog auction, a.k.a, a "blogtion"  We had so much fun the first time and such a great response we decided to do another! So here's the run down of how it works in case you need a refresher. There are going to be several AMAZING items for sale, and hopefully there's one (or two,or three :]) items you can't live with out! Each item will have an asking price, if the item is something you want make a comment that says it's sold along with your e-mail address so at the end of the auction we can get in touch with the winning bidder, and then make arrangements for everyone to get their items :) If you see something you want, but it has already been bid on you are more than welcome to UP the bid on the item! So the blogtion fun begins this Saturday July 28th at 8 a.m. and bidding ends at midnight. Please e-mail me if you have any questions,

Here's just a small sneak peen of a few items up for bid, and there's a lot more cuteness in store!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shop and save!

Okay first and foremost I am not anywhere near like an extreme couponer..Not even close.. My method of saving on grocery shopping is fairly simple, nothing too crazy or complicated. I'm not even sure if it's blog worthy either, but it saves me money so I figure most people like to save money right? So why not share!
It all starts with making a plan, I sit down and write out a meal plan for the month. Yep a whole month! It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Once I have my meals planned out I write out a grocery list of all the things I need for meals and such. I then look over all the ads and ad match the things I have on my list with the things that are on sale.. Make sense? It does in my head haha If something is on sale but not on my list and it just happens to be a super good deal and something we use I get it! After the ad matching I go through my coupons and clip coupons for items I will be purchasing. I think what saves me the most money is a good chunk of items on my list are on sale AND I have a coupon for them! Double savings right there! I won't lie it does take time and patience... and trust me being a mother of two young girlies I don't have a lot of either :) But when you're on a tight budget you do what ya gotta do!
So at the end of my shopping trip I spent a total of $160 for a full months worth of groceries! That also includes all of our paper goods, cleaning supplies, diapers, and hygiene necessities. Another tip that helps me out a lot is I buy my meat in bulk, then I separate it into freezer bags and freeze it. Then when I need it for a meal I just pull it out of the freezer and have the quantity I need all ready to be defrosted for dinner. I also freeze my milk, bread and tortillas and just pull them out as needed. It works really well! A lot of what I buy is store brand, which I don't have a problem with. Some things can't be bought store brand it just doesn't taste the same. But you would be surprised how comparable a lot of it is to name brand stuff! That in itself saves a ton! When it comes to produce there's no way I could stock up on that and have it last a whole month. I try to get fresh produce every week to week and a half. By the end of the month I only end up spending an extra $10 on it. So all in all I will spend about $170 on groceries this month including produce. There are 3 places I shop that sell produce for SOOO cheap! Superstition Ranch Market, Food City, and Pros Ranch Market. You literally can get bags and bags of produce for dirt cheap! So there ya have it my way of grocery shopping in a not so nut shell :) I know the extreme couponers out there may look at this and laugh and think what a joke it is in comparison to what they save. But I do what works for me! Hopefully this helps out anyone who wants to save on groceries!! I'll say it again, it can be time consuming but in the end SO worth it!!
Happy shopping and saving to you ALL :)

Has it really been a year??

Well I'm a little embarrassed that it's been almost a year since we posted here at Style Me Pretty! Time to clean out the cob webs and dust of the old girl and hope to better in the future :) What better way to start off with another Look for Less! I was a little hesitant to take a picture of myself especially a full body shot after having a baby 3 months ago.. But I had to share this lovely outfit, inspired by one I found on Pinterest.
Let's start from the top!
White shirt with ruffle detail- garage sale, $1
Cream pleated skirt- Goodwill, $2.50
Tan tweed belt- Goodwill. $1
White shoes with bow- Sheikh shoes, $10
Total spent- $14.50 
Love me some thrifty shopping!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It is giveaway time!!! We are all sooo appreciative of everyone who participated and made the blogtion such a success!! As shown before what a great way to start off the summer then to lather your locks up with It's A Ten and jazz up your toenails with a summer color!! Thank you to everyone who auctioned away and what a great way to find new treasures. You guys were great! So without further adieu the winner is.....Jessica Mitchell!!!! We will be getting a hold of you asap to give ya your prize! Thanks again guys!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Look for Less: Outfit #3

This Look for Less, I wasn't looking for any particular brand or outfit I just kind of luckily happened upon each piece at different times. The jeans I got a little while ago at Forever21, I wanted a comfortable pair of skinnies and snagged these for $9! I found the darling red flats on clearance at Target for a whole $3.48. Target clearance is awseom! I always love having a flowy top (ya know for those puffy days :]) and got this one for $4 at Goodwill! The shirt size said 4, so I figured it had to be from a more pricey kind of place.. I'm just used to the small, medium, large kind of places :) Turns out this particular brand (Odille?) is sold at Anthropologie, prices for these tops start at $70! I put all the pieces together and was pretty pleased how the outfit turned out :) I spent a whole $16.48 from top to bottom
(P.s. I realize I do the hands in the pocket thing in every pic, but let me tell you taking a picture alone is awkward, and therefor I do the hands in the pockets, makes me feel better :]

Stay tuned for the next Look for Less

A BIG Thank You!

Just wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all who participated in our blogtion! It was most definitely a success! It was so much fun, I hope you all enjoyed it too! We will be contacting you to arrange getting you your item(s)! As a thank you we will be taking all the names of the participants and entering them in a give-away!

We will be giving away a couple of favorite summer must-haves! A bottle of my favorite hair product "It's a 10 (plus Keratin)"

And a cute, summery OPI nail polish! Haven't found the perfect summer color yet, but it won't disappoint :)
Thank you again to all those who participated! We couldn't have done it with out you! Keep following Style Me Pretty!
(Winner of the give-away will be announced tomorrow morning!!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome to our blogtion!!

Welcome everyone to our first blogtion!! We have SO many wonderful items up for bid today (total of 28 :]), so be sure to scroll through them all, you won't want to miss ANYTHING! We'll review the name of the game one more time... Each item has a price, if you want the item make a comment and say it's Sold and add your e-mail address so we can get in touch with you after the sale to arrange getting you your item(s). If there is an item you see you want, but it already has a bid on it you are more than welcome to up the bid. Bidding ends at Midnight tonight, so whoever has the highest bid at Midnight will be the winner of the item! We look forward to passing these treasures along to you and your homes :) So without further ado let the bidding begin! Happy blogtioning :)

Item #1

Darling antique gold/cream frame, size 4x6
(could be cute as an open frame too!)
Price: $3

Item #2

Fabulous, gold/ black frame, size 5x7
(has a small chip, lower right side)
Price: $5

Item(s) #3

Black and Silver frames, size 5x7
Price: 2 Black frames $6
3 Silver frames $8

Item #4

Antique, gold frame size 4x6
(can be used as an open frame, but also has the glass and backing to it)
Price: $3

Item #5

Vintage, gold frame size 5x7
(would also look great as an open frame for a decorative piece :])
Price: $4

Item #6

Brown, crackled picture frame with saying "Where there is Love there is Life"
Price: $8

Item #7

 "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" decorative sign
Price: $6

Item #8

Cute, Black "Be-Attitudes" sign
Price: $5

Item #9

Open Black frame 18x24
(wouldn't this be so cute turned into a magnet, memory, or chalk board?!)
Price: $6

Item #10

Cute, decorative picture
(perfect for a black and red kitchen!)
Price: $5

Item(s) #11

3 White, shabby-chic wall hangings
Price: $15 (for all, sold as a set)

(cute detailing :])

Item #12

Antique, shabby-chic shelf
(missing peg has been replaced :])
Price: $14

Item #13

Black iron rack with crystal knobs
Price: $8

Item #14

 Black, iron magazine holder
(could also be great in other rooms, maybe in a bathroom to hold towels :])
Price: $12

Item(s) #15

4 cute, black canisters 
(each come with a spoon :])
Price: $15

Item #16

Black, beaded, decorative pillow
(Never been used, still has original tag)
Price: $5

Item #17

Vintage, wooden mirror 
(Very sturdy, great piece!)
Price: $14